Federal Way, Washington

Service Fees

How much does it cost?

Based on professional pet sitting standards and veterinary recommendations, at least once per day visits are required for all household pets in our care.

The Sitters recommends most dogs be visited two to four times per day. For their own safety and well-being, cats are visited daily…and many of our cat clients are seen twice per day. Other small caged pets must also be seen daily. All animals in a household must be visited.

There is no additional charge for multiple pets in a household, for medication administration or for household tasks such as watering plants. However if additional time is warranted to complete care for multiple pets or household tasks, you will be charged for a longer visit time. In other words, the anticipated per visit charge is based on time to provide the total care for the household and will be pre-arranged with the client at the time of Initial Interview.

Below is a summary of our service time minimums:

  • A visit for pet sitting has a 30 minute minimum.
  • A minimum visit for house sitting has a 20 minute minimum.
  • Errand services have a 30 minute minimum.
  • Overnights have a 10 hour minimum. (Daytime visits are additional. We do a very limited number of overnights on a case by case basis in very clean, non-smoking households with appropriate sleeping arrangements for our sitter.)

Pet Sitting is a pre-paid service. Payment must be received in full prior to our first visit of each trip. Regular mid-day dog walking or monthly service clients are billed about the 20th of each month and payment is due no later than the 28th of the month. Please review our Client Policies and our current Fee Schedule for pricing and cancellation of service details.

For a service fee quotation to be current and accurate, an Initial Interview must be completed. To schedule your Interview call The Sitters at 253-661-SITT (7488).