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House Sitting

What is a house sitter?

House sitting is a service which provides on-site care to ensure your home is free of security or maintenance problems while you’re away. A house sitter may also take care of routine appointments or errands while you’re at work. This service may be performed during the day or evening on an as-needed basis, or may be requested for longer-term assignments. Below are some situations when a house sitter may be able to help:

  • You are going on vacation or a business trip and you want someone to check on your home or water your plants.
  • You work long hours and you need someone to meet a repairman, contractor, installer, delivery person or movers during the day.
  • You have an illness or injury and you need help doing errands while in the hospital or as you are recovering.
  • You are going to be living abroad for a long period of time and you need someone to coordinate services for your home.
  • You have moved and need someone to monitor your unsold home while it is on the market.
  • You want back up at-the-ready in case an emergency or disaster strikes while you are away.

Hiring a house sitter lets you relax knowing that you’ve left your home in capable hands…with someone who knows you and your preferences if something needs attention or repair while you’re not there.

Why use a house sitter?

Home owners hire house sitters just like they hire personal services such as house keepers, lawn care specialists, and other providers. Hiring a house sitter allows you to avoid imposing on your friends and family every time you leave town or have to work an intensive schedule.

House sitters care for your home per your specific instructions.

Some of what your house sitter will do:

  • Check outside perimeter, doors, each room, windows, take in the mail and newspapers, change lighting, care for plants, take out trash/recycle, and give your home the “lived-in look”.
  • Meet repair persons for appointments, take in deliveries, purchase/deliver food and home supplies, and run other household errands per your request.

Other duties are considered per owner request.

Your time is valuable. Use a house sitter to make sure your home is cared for while you are away.