Federal Way, Washington

About the Founder

Jill Edson
Jill W. Edson, Founder
The Sitters was founded in 2003 by Jill W. Edson. Jill’s passion for animals began as a young child. She has loved and adopted various combinations of pets all her life including large, medium, and small dogs; cats; guinea pigs, rabbits and mice; small birds; fresh water fish, an Eastern Box Turtle and African dwarf frogs. Jill also has adored horses since she was too small to reach the stirrups!

Today Jill’s elderly pups have passed away, and now that she is enjoying condo living, she offers her full attention to her big-feline-boy-lap-cat...a very handsome brown & gray British Shorthair tabby...who thinks he is a dog-cat, her favorite kind!

When preparing to graduate from high school in the mid-1970’s, Jill wanted to be a veterinarian. At the time, the University of Wisconsin had a large animal program that upon interview let Jill know that she was “just too small” to do that type of work. Instead, Jill earned her bachelor’s degree in Nursing, and worked as a Registered Nurse for many years. Her specialties throughout her career included all areas of critical care (ICU, CCU, NICU, Intensive Burn Unit), ortho-neuro, geriatrics, and rehabilitation with a specialty in brain injury & spinal cord injury.

Next, Jill completed a Master’s in Business Administration with a double major in Marketing and International Business in the early 1980’s. After graduation, she worked for many years in healthcare in marketing, key accounts, contracting, strategic planning, and business development.

Owning and operating The Sitters, a professional pet and house sitting business based in Federal Way, WA, is Jill’s favorite career. This one is inspired by her love for animals and satisfies her life-long desire to work in their service.

The Sitters is not only a successful small independent business...but one that she truly enjoys.