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Meet the Sitters


The Sitters was founded in 2003 by Jill W. Edson. Jill’s passion for animals began as a young child. She has loved and adopted various combinations of pets all her life including large, medium, and small dogs; cats; guinea pigs, rabbits and mice; small birds; turtles, fresh water fish and African dwarf frogs. Jill also has been in love with horses since she was too small to reach the stirrups!

Today Jill has one dog (Chow-Lab Mix), and a large handsome brown & gray British Shorthair tabby cat…both adopted from the Tacoma Humane Society.

When preparing to graduate from high school, Jill wanted to be a veterinarian. At the time, the University of Wisconsin had a large animal program that upon interview let Jill know that she was “just too small” to do that type of work. Instead, Jill earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, and worked as a Registered Nurse for many years. Next, Jill completed a Master’s in Business Administration with a double major in Marketing and International Business.

Owning and operating The Sitters, a professional pet and house sitting business, for the last thirteen years is Jill’s final and favorite career. This one is inspired by her love for animals, and satisfies her life-long desire to work in their service.

The Sitters is not only a successful small independent business…but one that she truly loves.

ShanaAssistant Manager/Sitter
Some of my earliest memories include caring for and enjoying the company of animals.  Pets have always been part of my family.  Now that I’m grown with a family of my own, my husband Jim and I call our pets our children.  We share our home with shelter dogs Blixa & Rudy, and former foster rabbits Leon & Gomez.  We recently designed a wildlife habitat on our Browns Point property, providing food and shelter for native songbirds, owls, squirrels, and an occasional opossum family. We hope to add a bat house to our habitat!

After 13 years as a Medical Social Worker and Certified Therapy Dog Team Leader, I found a natural transition from healthcare to animal care.  Volunteer opportunities at the Tacoma Humane Society, Wolf Haven, South Sound Critter Care, and Point Defiance Zoo prepared me for this exciting and very rewarding career with The Sitters.

When I’m not sitting for your pets and caring for your home, you can find me kayaking throughout the beautiful Puget Sound , rehabilitating orphaned and injured wildlife, and enjoying the company of raptors, reptiles and other wild animals at Point Defiance Zoo’s Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater.  Caring for animals is what makes me, me!

SuzanneAssistant Manager/Sitter
My first encounter with Jill Edson and The Sitters was when I became a client many years ago. We had two Yorkies who were our only “children” at home. (Unfortunately,one of my Yorkies passed away recently. It was heartbreaking.I still like this photo so I decided to show you a happier time).

When I began using The Sitters, I was so impressed with the care for my dogs that I decided I wanted to be a part of pet caregiving for others. I have a background for “caregiving”. I have four grown children and nine grandchildren. I also was a flight attendant for 28 years–hence more “caregiving” on the airplane!!

I am proud to serve as Assistant Manager for The Sitters. In this role I am sometimes in charge of the office when Jill is away. Because I travel extensively throughout the year, I am partially retired from direct pet sitting. However, I do have a caseload of pets who I enjoy pampering whenever I am in town.

Our Sitters

Hello, my name is Dee. After retiring from my career in the Quality Assurance (QA) field, I have been looking for something special to do with my time which also satisfies my love for animals. My former QA boss is a very happy, long-term pet sitting client of The Sitters. Once she heard that a position was open, she called me to ask if I might be interested in becoming a pet sitter. What a great opportunity for me! Living in the Browns Point area of Tacoma for about 20 years, I have spent a lot of time walking my dogs in this area. My husband and I have had three black Labrador Retrievers and one Border Collie over the years. Shelby is my current Lab with me in my photo. She is a very special girl. I have been an animal lover since my first dog as a child. As an adult, I have always opened my home for pets of my family and friends when they would go out of town. I even did a little pet sitting when I lived for a while in Arizona. Now, I look forward to being a sitter to your pet. I will treat your pet as if it where my own.
I was raised with cats, dogs, hamsters, and rabbits and have always been drawn to animals, but when our dog  Frodo–a somewhat intense miniature Rat Terrier–came into my family, I became interested in learning more about dog training and animal behavior. I now regularly attend seminars to learn more about why animals do what they do and how to build a better relationship with them. I’ve also attended several seminars about Tellington T-Touch©, and am currently taking Nose Work classes with one of my dogs, training in the dog sport of scent detection. One of the things that spurred my interest to learn so much about animal behavior is that I am a Northwest Regional Coordinator for New Rattitude Rat Terrier Rescue, a nationwide, non-profit rescue group. In that role, I mentor volunteers, evaluate potential foster dogs needing rescue and help a team of foster parents solve problems relating to health and behavioral issues of their foster dogs. Over the past seven years, my family has fostered nearly 100 dogs, so I’m experienced working with a wide range of dog temperaments. I have a real heart for skittish and fearful dogs and often foster dogs needing behavioral rehabilitation due to lack of socialization. I have also worked in a couple of small independent pet stores and have provided pet health and nutrition counseling for customers and their pets. My husband and I have resided in the area for about 15 years and share our home with our three Rat Terriers and foster dogs. Being a pet sitter for The Sitters allows me to enjoy caring for pets in their own homes…which for me is one of the greatest pleasures!
Gold and angel fish, hamsters, parakeets, canaries, polliwogs, and Kemmie McFergus(a collie/shepherd mix), were part of my family when I was growing up. Dogs and barn cats and chickens and ducks lived on my uncle’s dairy (50 head of Holstein) farm, where we visited many summers.Gabriella (a sweet, sleek black cat) adopted me when I was a teacher of some great (multiply-handicapped) students. She and I were joined by Theo, a shepherd/Rhodesian mix, and then by Flora, a Rhodesian/hound mix. I went on to teach Sp. Ed. preschool and then kindergarten, and now am retired. My retirement companions are Amanda and Tadashi (dogs from the Humane Society), and Emma and Juniper (Tortie cats). I’m enjoying the opportunity to meet, feed, walk, play with, and otherwise care for the animals you live with and love.

Greetings!  I would love to care for your pet(s)!  Leaving your beloved pets in the care of others can be very difficult.  I know because leaving my pets is very hard for me.  Realizing this is one reason I became a pet sitter.  I have always loved animals and caring for them in your absence is one of my greater joys.  It’s very important to have someone you can trust care for and love your pets when you are gone.  It is a tremendous relief when you have that assurance.  I can help you feel at ease about this. Born and raised in Eastern Washington, I was a farmer’s daughter.  Although my dad mostly had crops of wheat and barley, we also raised cattle for beef.  There were horses, goats, dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens and I was even friends with the deer and coyotes!  It was so great growing up with animals.  It taught me so much. College brought me to Vancouver, WA; marriage kept me there!  Eventually, careers brought us both to the Auburn/Federal Way area where we have lived since 1983.  I am semi-retired and our daughter is now married and our son is in college.  We are blessed to have them both close by. We have had many pets the past 30 years but recently lost our sweet old beagle, Sadie Mae.  Currently we have two miniature long hair dachshunds, Link and Frankie.  They are our babies for now and are constantly bringing a smile to our faces.   We are having fun doing obedience classes and learning rally and agility.  Tiggy, our sweet old gray tabby, would be totally offended if I didn’t mention her too!
I have loved animals all my life. Quite a few of my earliest memories as a child were with my pets! I’ve had cats, dogs, hamsters, goldfish, frogs and I even brought home a squirrel that had been abandoned by its Mom. To give you an example of the type of person I am, if I’m in a social setting at someone’s house and they have a pet, it won’t be long before I’m over with the animal petting and talking to them. Currently, I live in the Lakeland Hills area of Auburn. I have three young boys who I enjoy each day and keep me on my toes. I look forward to caring for your beloved pets. I will care for your pets with the love and attention as if they were my own.
I have been an animal lover since childhood. My passion for animals has only grown stronger over the years. As a pet sitter in Arizona and locally, I have been lucky enough to care for dogs, cats, fish and reptiles. The easiest way to put a smile on my face and in my heart is to spend some time with critters of just about any kind.

We live on the Auburn West Hill near the Edgewood/Milton area with our one little human child and our sweet Belle (kitty) who has stolen our hearts.  I look forward to the opportunity to care for your beloved pets.